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Northshore Pavilion

Project completed: 2017


The Northshore Pavilion provides amenity for public use and is a place for Economic Development Queensland to share information on the future plans for Hamilton Reach, Queensland's largest waterfront urban renewal precinct.

The public gathering platform by the river expresses ideas of a temporary building as a landmark. Components are prefabricated allowing for future relocation and adaption of built elements while utilising wharf timbers salvaged from the site.

The primary elements include; smaller pod buildings connected by a platform under a folded timber canopy. The canopy is considered a unifying element framing both an oasis and beacon on a site generally described as immense, flat, hot and glary. A framed view of the Brisbane River welcomes visitors onto the platform set into a habitable terraced landscape.

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Project Builder: Charles Warren Constructions, Cabinetmaker: William McMahon, Pictures by: Christopher Frederick Jones