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Anne Street Garden Units

a series of seven social housing dwellings surrounding a communal garden


The design was informed by ideas from our Density and Diversity Done Well Open Idea Competition entry, as well as participation in stakeholder workshops on social housing design that included public housing tenants, housing managers, Queensland Government representatives and project consultants. We also visited social housing in Woodridge to meet tenants and conduct further discussions that informed opportunities for design. Construction of Anne Street Garden Units is due to commence in August.


The site has a combined lot area of 1,228sqm and is located north west of Surfers Paradise, near Keebra Park State High School. Eight key strategies were applied to the project:

  • Ground-level homes with multiple shared entries; connecting the garden to the street.

  • A series of thresholds to mediate community interaction at ground level.

  • Dwellings with direct access to a series of clear public and private spaces.

  • Community streetscape with a village-like development of independent dwellings that are compact in scale.

  • Detached, lightweight one- and two-storey buildings that respond to climate and can be built with simple, affordable construction systems.

  • Dwellings clustered around a central garden space with deep soil planting and large shady trees.

  • Central garden space overlooked by all units, providing amenity and security surveillance.

  • Pedestrian-orientated site achieved by placing cars at the site’s periphery.