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We're passionate about collaborative process, quality over quantity and design that responds to place and people.

Whether we're designing a private home or a public space, each project is carefully considered for the people who are occupying it.


Our story

Anna O'Gorman is a Queensland and New South Wales registered architect and founder of Anna O'Gorman Architects, established in 2016. The firms work has since been recognised by numerous awards and been featured in regional and national print media.

Growing up in Brisbane, in a family of architects, Anna has been engaged by design ideas and discussions on architecture and its value to people and communities since an early age. It is these early fascinations and experiences which inspire her to create quality, crafted and considered built environments where architecture works to strengthen connections between people and place.

The studios approach to architectural design is influenced by a range of experiences and opportunities, including international architecture tours, testing and researching ideas, and collaborations.